What is the  UXµPC   and why would I need one?

The UX Right Angle Low Clearance Plug is a simple but unique accessories for you UX computer.

It's simple in that it allows you to use the bottom mounted power input of your UX while allowing the computer to sit level on it's stand or in the iGo or other folding keyboards.

It's unique quality is it extends only approximately 1/4" past the base of the computer when in operation ... by comparison the Stock right angle plug extends almost a full INCH.

The UX Series computers are in my opinion the finest Micro PC built.

Only the pretty much never released Tiqit came close.  In my discussion with the Tiqit developer one reason they never released the computer to the general public was BATTERY consumption ... Sony apparently came up against the same wall but thankfully decided to release the UX anyway.

As diehard UX users we just work-around the poor battery life.  In the day and age where cell phones and PDA's can be recharge weekly in many cases it's difficult to work with the UX when it seems to need to be recharged every several hours of use..

One of our most popular work arounds is to simply PLUG IN at every opportunity!

At a restaurant we can be heard saying  "Do you have a seat near an outlet?" at our favourite coffee shops we know every seat within 1 meter of an outlet, or on a date "Let's sit here sweetheart the ambiance is so nice" meanwhile we've spied an outlet at that table :)

Unfortunately Sony chose to place the "DC in 16V" power plug on the BOTTOM of the UX .... when using the UX on battery power it's fine but if you need to top up your charge? .... not so much :(

It's just a little uncomfortable to say the least to using the UX at the off angle required for the plug to be in!  This shot is on the black plastic stand the comes with all the UX series computers.  

So much so many users either buy a couple of extra expensive Sony battery packs or drag their docking bay around to use as a stand.

It's no better on the iGo keyboard

But with the
.... it's just a heck of a lot better

On the stand or on the iGo the UX Right Angle Plug keeps your UX on the level!

I want to *ORDER* a UXµPC or find out how much they cost?