How Much is the  UXµPC  & how do I order?

Only $25.00 , Standard Shipping Included*

Ordering the UX Right Angle Low Clearance Plug is EASY

Click the link to our Secure Sever and pay on line with Major Credit cards

Click HERE or the Credit card LOGO below to view our secure server Payment Instruction Page it has a link to the order page.

We Accept ...

On the order page just select "Product" in the drop down list and put "UX Plug" as the part number.

Remember to add your shipping address and online Nickname.

Price is Only $25.00 , Standard Shipping Included*


*Standard shipping is by Regular Post Office, the UX Right Angle plug will fit in a standard envelope and ships as regular mail by default.  Any other shipping option is available by request but will of course cost more ... email me for any other shipping methods (