The UXµPC     Instructions

Thanks for buying the UX Right Angle Plug low clearance plug!

With proper care and use it should last for years ... if you ever have trouble with it email me (

The plug is a rather simple arrangement the unique portion being the custom made low clearance right angle end, that plugs into your UX.

The end is assembled to match the size and shape of the Electronic Industries Association of Japan  EIAJ-05 Standard as closely as possible, more information on the standard is available at my post on

The connector has longitudinal micro laser cuts in it, to provide additional flexibility because of this I do NOT recommend storing your UX Plug by plugging it into itself ...

 ... Simply put this places additional stress on the device as the spring tension is being applied the entire time it's plugged in.  This may reduce it's service life.  Additional when disconnecting the plug from itself the user will typically "follow through" and pull sharply on both ends in the process, the connector is not designed for this type of stress and repeated incidents could weaken or damage the plug.

The plug is best stored in a plastic Zip Lock bag like the one it was shipped in this will keep lint and debris from collecting in the ends and protect the plastic coating from abrasion.

Your new UX Right Angle Plug low clearance plug does not require much maintenance, just keep it clean and dry ... if the Plasti-Dip abrades off either end there's no reason you could not apply more to keep it in tip top shape that would not effect the warrantee* in anyway.

As far as actual use ... just plug the UX Right Angle Plug into to your computer, and plug the UX's power supply into the other end ... here's a shot of it in use with the popular iGo keyboard

and another with the little foldable plastic stand that comes with the UX series computers.

The UX Right Angle Plug is also useful to couple the UX with the popular Universal Accessory Batteries.

If it ever gives you any trouble especially in the first couple months just email me and I will take care of you as best I can, don't return a Plug un-announced if you think it needs repair or service though, always email me first for additional info.

Feel free also to post comments at the forums on I usually check in there several times a week as well.

Thanks! Shane


*Just some fine print for the Warrantee on your new plug ... it's 60 days in length and covers defect in original manufacturing  only, the sole remedy is repair of the defective product, it does NOT cover any consequential events or consequential damages or loss of computer data in the chance any of these events occur.  When purchasing your realize this is a experimental hand made product and accept responsibility for it's use, Please note: the UX Right angle Plug is in no way affiliated with Sony and mention on this site of Sony's names and part numbers is for product reference only, the UX Right Angle Plug is not endorsed by Sony and is not an authorized Sony Accessory.